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  • Morganamx October 2010

    I'm French and I want to buy the TypeMatrix with Bepo and Azerty Skins but they are temporally out of Stock.
    When will you receive them and when could I buy them?
    Thank you for answering me!

  • Hello!

    Thank you for your question. We're currently restocking all of our skins and they'll be shipping later this month. Check the store today/tomorrow for them to be on sale again.

  • @Morganamx: We've received official word from our factory that our skins are on their way and should arrive Wednesday this week. We've gone ahead and re-enabled ordering of all skins in anticipation, and will send out an email to all customers once we actually receive them. I hope you're as excited as we are about their arrival!

  • TypeMatrix_admin November 2010

    Just a quick follow-up, all the skins are back in stock. We've also sent out a quick email to let our customers know. Those who had pre-ordered skins should be receiving them shortly (most are already on their way).

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