When are the qwerty keyboards expected to be in stock again?
  • queonda December 2011

    Just wondering when I can purchase a querty keyboard ...

  • DurMan667 December 2011

    Well I asked them when the Dvorak keyboards would be back in stock and they told me September or October, so I expect the Qwerty ones will also be back in about two to three months ago.

  • kymcha January 2012

    Something isn't adding up IMHO. I mean all TypeMatrix do is sell their unique keyboards and they post an indefinite notice about being out of stock ? What do they do for income in the meantime ? Like owning a chicken takeaway and having a sign out the front saying 'no chicken and we don't know when there will be". SPAM infestation on forum, me and one other person the only posts on the TypeMatrix Facebook page for 2 months ... Does someone run this show from their bedroom part-time or something ?

  • Hello there. We're excited to let you know that our keyboards have arrived in the US and have cleared customs and will arrive at the warehouse tomorrow. We'll be making an announcement shortly.

    The primary reason for the long delay was that some of our users discovered a flaw, that few users ran into, but nevertheless we needed to address. This set back the usual order process by a few months, requiring a fix in the hardware logic, and then re-scheduling in the factory. We're not a very large operation, and it takes more work than you'd think to get everything set up again from manufacturing, packaging, shipping, customs, warehousing and so on when things get delayed.

    The indefinite notice, was us being honest - it is nearly impossible to prevent delays with shipping containers, and you just can't predict how long it takes for things to clear the factory floor, the boats, customs and so on. We'd rather not get in the business of making up artificial deadlines that we can't control.

    The spam issue is something we're actively working on. But you're right, we need to pay a little closer attention to our forums and we will make a real effort going forward. Thanks for posting.


  • void2258 January 2012

    Should I worry about this flaw being a problem on the two 2030s I have?

  • @void2258: Not really. Chances are if you haven't run into it by now, then you won't. If it becomes a problem let us know. You have to be a heavy user of the tab key to ever run into it. In tests, it sometimes takes hundreds of tab-key presses in fairly rapid succession for the issue to occur. Every time you turn your computer off or unplug the keyboard it resets.


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