International shipping rate for TM skins
  • Poulpette October 2010


    I’ve just seen that French skins are available again. I was interesting in one of these ($20, that’s not too expensive) but then I saw the International shipping rate: $44.12! It’s more than twice as much as the skin price…
    If I can understand the high International shipping rate for the keyboard (its package must be strong, etc.), why is there only that way of shipping for the skins?

    Thank for you answer.

  • thomine October 2010

    I have the same question. I just want to buy a skin. The skin price is ok but I'll never buy one with this shipping rate...
    Thanks for your answer.

  • We have been having a software glitch in our shipping for the past 3 weeks. We had problems with the automatic shipping calculations and just couldn't get it to work reliably right. It should be fixed now, so you can order! (We ended changing to a fixed cost model based on order weight. A single skin shipped to France should cost $18 in shipping and handling now.)

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