UK Dvorak layout
  • leekennedy December 2011

    Hi, just wanted to know whether you had any plans to create a UK Dvorak layout keyboard, not a skin, as I would prefer not to have to use a skin if possible.

    My other alternative would be to buy a us layout model, and use stickers and the keyboard remapping tool you've mentioned elsewhere. I'm not sure where this option would have any knock-on impact to mappings at boot time on windows or linux?

    What would you recommend?


  • Unfortunately the process of producing keyboards labeled in layouts that have such a small footprint is currently not economically feasible for us.

    If you buy either a regular or unlabeled keyboard, you may not even have to do any remapping other than choosing the right layout in your OS. If you really don't want to use a skin, that will likely be your best bet in the near future.


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